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5 concrete accessories in trends.

Concrete is no longer restricted to industries it has now became one of the greatest trend in the interior designing. This versatile, cost-saving, material can be casted in any shape you want, any way you want and gives a subtle look to your place. It’s not only bold but beautiful as well. The organic qualities of natural stone with its strength makes it perfect for using in flooring, wall panelling and high-end corporate pieces, quirky objects, basins, lighting and furniture for the home. Oak and concrete match very well, concrete and metal nevertheless are a perfect match also concrete and white porcelain look brilliant together. Architecture companies in UAE make great concrete pieces of art that will rock your home.

Given below are five concrete accessories which are in trend:

  • Concrete Folders

These folders made by concrete are best for your home or office and have enough space to manage your files. They not only look classy but add an aesthetic design to the interior of your room. They are good to put your magazines, newspaper or your documents. It is one of the best trend that you would love to incorporate into your space.

  • Flower Pot

From wall vase to hanging flower vases, they not only keep your flowers and plant cool but add an edge to the interior of you space. The grey color of the flower pot and the bright colors of flowers or plant makes a perfect contrast, highlighting the beauty of the nature and adds a class to your room. These flower pots are casted in various design. The architect gets a chance to exploit the full potential of the cement.

  • Concrete basin

Who would have thought that the next generation would replace the typical basins with concrete basin. Concrete basins are a latest addition to concrete accessories and the clean lines and perfect shape of this organic material will soothe your mind and calm your soul when you’ll need to wash your hands.

  • Pendant lights

Concrete pendant lights gives a subtle touch to your rooms. The pendent lights  visually appeals the eyes. Who would have thought that things strong building material would have a soft side of its own.

  • Modern Concrete Bookend

These modern concrete bookends are available in plethora of designs to be added to your place. This concrete accessory not only adds weight to your collection but it also adds a high end style to your room. Available in many creatively designed shapes, these concrete bookends are a must have.

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